strawberry letter 23
my name is dolly i live in london and i like doctor martens and cats

omgaaah i dunno what to do i need advice i feel so weird like 16 years old again



it’s not Christmas until our family fights over nothing and someone storms away yelling “merry fucking Christmas”


but i literally cant believe that this time next year im gonna be living in mexico/colombia and then brazil for a whole year. insane.


why do i always fuck up so bad


I wish I could have an apology. I wish you hadn’t spoken to me the way you did. I wish you were who I thought you were. I feel like such a fucking idiot and it makes it hard to be strong when you constantly doubt yourself because someone could be so horrible to you. I literally thought you were such a sweet guy and you’re so vile and I just wonder how I could have misjudged you so badly.


why do all the best things have to happen right at the end of term:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

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Luciana Rondolini

i know i never post on here but just need to write all this shit somewhere…like basically im finding uni so hard, no one told me how difficult it was gonna be…i feel like im not myself at all, i feel so ill and drained all the time, people seem to be having such an amazing time, and i am too, but sometimes everything gets too much and i just break down in my room for ages which cant be normal! i miss my old life when i could just go to the pub with my friends and not have to meet all these sodding people all the time dressed like a fucking smurf! everyone’s just so nice i cant deal with it it’s all so overwhelming…sorry for the rant (not that anyone is reading this)


Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) by Marvin Gaye

Shakin' all over by The Guess Who
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